& repairs

Supplies and services

  • brake discs (Kovis)
  • brake pads and
  • blocks (Bremskerl)
    shock absorbers (Gerep, Koni, …)
  • control valves (safety, balancing, safety), dampers, gate valves, switches and pressure sensors (Norgren, Buschjost, Rexroth …) and other accessories (quick couplings, PA pipes / hoses) needed for distribution and preparation of compressed air
  • Design, manufacture and supply of components for one-piece and low-piece series (screws, nuts, gears – cylindrical, conical, with helical gearing), holders, various weldments and other mechanical or static assemblies
  • Bock and Mercedes compressors – deliveries and repairs with spare parts
  • Gearboxes – service, repairs and spare parts
  • Display prophylaxis (if necessary, replacement of damaged components)